Kyra + Matt

A gorgeous drive up the coast.  Fire spinning.  Camping out.  A multi-day affair.  How and why do I get myself into these positions?  I get lucky and I love them!  Yes, it’s a lot of work, but when you’ve got clients committed to creating a magical day where the main goal is happiness, community, and an unreal party, going the extra mile is completely worth it.  Kyra and Matt married near Ukiah in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains, water, friends, and love.

Kyra + Matt

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Kristen + Ryan – Stern Grove Wedding

In the editing cave, my iPhone is rocking out to whatever Pandora deems a proper genre-specific song. I close the curtains to block out the hot sun that filters through the double doors leading to my garden, and bury my head to edit.  As I go through the photos, I’ll laugh and giggle about the funny times and quiet moments that I spent with the bride and groom.  I’ll get all sappy when it comes to the ceremony.  And when I get to the cake part of things, I get hungry and leave for a break in the kitchen.  Going through Kristen and Ryan’s wedding was no exception.  The mood was light and fluffy.  Nothing could go wrong.  Well, nothing that we couldn’t fix anyway.  We had a serious bow-tie incident in which we managed a work around, we found the lost button mixed within the grass and flowers, and the table cloth had dried out sufficiently.  We were on fire.  And that perfection carried right on through the ceremony, as the passion they share for each other was easily recognizable and conquered all.  I loved every minute of it, because real love was in the air.  It was palpable, honest, and forthcoming – and nothing says love like a groom getting all teary-eyed – but you’ll have to head in to see more of that.  But oh what a day…

Kristen + Ryan

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Nancy + Brady

I watched the weather with hesitation.  All week the rain forecast kept eeking towards Saturday, and sure enough, I woke up to gray skies.  As I arrived at the Saint Claire Hotel in San Jose, the skies opened up.  But it was all good, because Nancy and Brady were having an indoor wedding.  The only bummer was we wanted to take some photos outside after the ceremony.  Well, wedding luck struck again.  The streets dried out, the sky was a marvelous blue with puffy clouds, and we got some great shots.  See for yourself!


Standing among the palms.

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Mary + Hai

Yep, it’s been a while.  I’ve been busy though.  I joined a new gym, I’ve been walking a lot…  Just kidding, I didn’t join a new gym, but with another wedding season just around the corner, and only a few spots left for 2012, you can bet it’s going to be a wild ride this year!  I’m really looking forward to 2012, as I have some amazing couples that I ‘ll be working with.  Mary and Hai are an example of what’s to come.  Creative, warm-hearted, and fun-inspired, these two are a kick to be around.  One thing you should know – Mary’s a planner.  She had ideas for the session ready to be put into action.  I was game, and the photos turned out great.  We found lots of color even on a gray day thanks to her recon.  Here’s a smattering of a few of my favorites.


Mary + Hai, just having a good time.

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Rachelle + John John

When your name is John John, you’re gonna have fun in life; that’s just a given.  Of course you’re going to snag a beautiful bride and party down with all of your amazing friends, because that’s what people who carry the name of John John do.

And so on an autumnal weekend day in the Shakespeare Gardens, nestled within the Presidio,  Rachelle and John merged their lives as one.  For as much as they love to laugh, joke, and have a great time, it was so moving to see these two lock eyes with everyone watching, and confess their love and commitment to each other.  I was honored to be there and capture their day.

Come take a look at this fun and fantastic wedding!

Even though this is one of the last photographs of the day, I couldn't resist showing it first. I couldn't believe our luck at GG Park. We had such great light and very few people to work around. Wedding magic kicks ass!

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Betsy + Michael

I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while.  When Betsy, Michael, and I talked about the wedding and location, I was fired up to photograph a gorgeous spot so close to my own backyard.  Chateau La Joye is just over the hill on the way to the ocean via Old La Honda Road.  Along this road, I’ve done the following:  bicycled, picked fresh Chanterelle mushrooms, foraged on wild blackberries, and surfed the wild waters just a bit further down the road.  Why not add a wedding to the list?

And so it was that Betsy and Michael got hitched in front of family and good friends in a beautiful place.

Glowing in the woods.

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Robert + Niki

Wait for it.  Wait for it. Wait… for… it…  Done.  Robert and Niki complete the craziness that was 15 engagement sessions discounted at a crazy good price on The Wedding Channel’s website, in a Groupon style deal.  It was a lot of work, but I got to meet so many amazing people, share a few hours with them, and stoke them out with some great pictures and my sometimes wild antics.  I often did most of the talking, and our subjects often included my current hobbies, such as backyard chickens, beekeeping, surfing, yoga, sailing, cycling, foraging for wild mushrooms (not the loopy type), hunting, and my new pup.  Within all this blabbering, I was seeking one thing, an in with my clients.  A door to something they enjoy, thus a mutual relationship, and the doors of safeguarding being broken down.  I always say, “The best photos on our session will come towards the end.”  Once again, it was so true.

Take a look for yourself.

Nicely backlit, Niki and Robert have plenty of reasons to smile.

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Ali + Peter

Lots of new things happening.  I got a new car.  Well, it’s more a van than a car, but it has style.  Can you say VW Vanagon?  This also means that I got a new mechanic (who I will, unfortunately, get to know all too well.)  Jen got assigned to a new school.  She’s got some great little students to work with.  And Ali and Peter got a new marriage.  Bam!  Out of all of them, I would say the latter is the best of the three (except I do sort of feel married to my van for some reason – call me old fashion).  So it was off to the Golden Gate Club for a wonderful and heartfelt Buddhist inspired wedding. The colors were popping and the views were amazing.

Take a look and see for yourself.

Yep, they're pretty happy.

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Jenny + Yuri

Chez Papa.  Chez Maman.  Oooh Lala.  Lots of French goodness around these parts, and when I say goodness, I mean food.  Jenny and Yuri met me at their favorite snack spot.  It reminded me of the little hole in the wall bars that litter the backstreets of Tokyo.  Just enough room for 10 people, and always jamming.  Although it wasn’t nomi-hodai (all you can drink), these two lovebirds grabbed a meal and a glass of wine to calm themselves down.  For some reason they were feeling all nervous and scared that the photos weren’t going to come out good, because like so many before them, they said, “I don’t photograph well.”  I say ballyhoo to that!  These photos rock!

Yuri and Jenny. I am sure Yuri said something totally appropriate to make Jenny laugh.



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Megan + Casey

I felt really bad for suggesting that we meet in the evening at Land’s End and China Beach for our engagement session, because the fog was thick and the wind was pretty steady.  But, since we were both there, and Megan and Casey were looking pretty snazzy, we decided to go for it.  And when you go for it, sometimes Mother Nature gives you a reward for having some nuts guts.  In fact, I have to say that every client that has “gone for it” has been rewarded with nothing but stellar images – whether it’s been in the rain or pea soup fog – we’ve come away with great stuff.

Moving on with today’s blog, I have to disclose to everyone that Megan and Casey are two goofballs.  They really love life to the fullest, and are always laughing and goofing around.  If I could interview my clients, this would be the criteria I would deem necessary for us to work together!  So everyone, look through the pics and follow a pair of people who have it down.  Enjoy!… Megan and Casey wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sometimes the light just gives you a good photo.

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