Jenny + Yuri

Chez Papa.  Chez Maman.  Oooh Lala.  Lots of French goodness around these parts, and when I say goodness, I mean food.  Jenny and Yuri met me at their favorite snack spot.  It reminded me of the little hole in the wall bars that litter the backstreets of Tokyo.  Just enough room for 10 people, and always jamming.  Although it wasn’t nomi-hodai (all you can drink), these two lovebirds grabbed a meal and a glass of wine to calm themselves down.  For some reason they were feeling all nervous and scared that the photos weren’t going to come out good, because like so many before them, they said, “I don’t photograph well.”  I say ballyhoo to that!  These photos rock!

Yuri and Jenny. I am sure Yuri said something totally appropriate to make Jenny laugh.



Grabbing a snack at Chez Maman before we hit the road.


Reflecting on the menu.

The decision has been made... and coffee to start!

Did I mention this place was tight? I think some of the help was starting to get irritated with me when I was moving around behind the counters. Too bad... C'est la vie!

The food is worth it though.

Chez Papa. Maybe next time we'll head here?

Through the trees...

...and up the hill, to San Francisco we go!

As we were cruising around, we spied this gorgeous Victorian with an amazing garden. We kind of just plopped ourselves under some foilage and grabbed a few shots.

When we were figuring out locations, Yuri and Jenny wanted to utilize the Bay Bridge instead of the Golden Gate. I was sold on the idea right away, and we came away with some nice ones.

...a little closer.


Yuri plays soccer. Yuri loves soccer. He plays it off his head... his foot...

...and even while jumping in the air.

All in all, we had a great day, and yes, the photos turned out fine.

Thanks for a wonderful day you two.  Looking forward to the big day in August.

Until then, see you down the road.


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