Jessi + Rich – Uno y Dos

LA was fantastic, because that’s where Jessi and Rich got married.  I mean, besides traffic for no good reason and Google maps screwing me with driving directions (got to see the hood in San Pedro…marvelous by the way…), I had a grand old time.  Couldn’t have asked for better weather, the people were fantastic, and everything went off without a hitch.  Jessi is short for Jessilea, but she’s not short on patience or the ability to chillax.  In fact, she should be the poster child for a bride to be: Easy-going, enjoying the moment, and always smiling.

She’s honeymoonin’, but I thought I would throw up a few photos before I head off to the Evergreen Lodge at the west gate of Yosemite for another wedding this weekend.  Here are 2, and there are so many more to come.  Can’t wait to get to it next week.


Jessi with her grandmother's vintage gown. She wore it at her wedding. This thing was freakin' amazing, and in perfect condition!

Rich, rocking a suit from CK. It was worth it man. You looked good.

More on the way.

See you down the road.


Megan + Jeff

Sausalito.  Since I lived in Japan and I love ‘Lost In Translation’ I always think of that cheesy hotel band when I say it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, rent the movie.  Bill Murray should have been awarded an Oscar, but the Academy is lame, so he didn’t.

Besides imprinting a strong cinematic connection, it also conjures up images of boat houses, float planes, a cute downtown, good art, and mellow people walking the streets.  So when Megan and Jeff suggested hitting Sausalito up, there wasn’t any reason to say no.  The weather was great, but the parking was lousy.  All in all, we had a great session.

Having a few laughs in the Nasturtium.

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Kristina + Tri

It’s been a pretty amazing few months.  I’ve been busy running all over the Bay Area photographing fantastic couples in fantastic locations.  Of late (it must be the spring weather) everyone seems to bringing the dogs along, which I love. They add a certain zest of unpredictability to the session, and even when things are not going to plan, all you have to do is take a gander at man’s best friend to see that not all is lost.  Anything from an ill-timed scratch to a complete spaz-out will bring things back into perspective.  Maybe that’s why people with dogs are cool?  Because they can deal with the unplanned and keep on rolling.

Here are a few pics from the day.  Hope you enjoy!

Kristina and Tri in a wildflower field and blue sky. Just lovely...

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Margaret + Thomas

Tilden Park is a happening spot.  I met Serena and Keith there, I met Margaret and Thomas there, and I also met Francesca there (who was walking her dog, but more on that later…)

This was a few weeks ago, right around the time the rains were slowing up. The ground was still swollen and soggy, but the hills were alive.  Ugh, I can hear my sister singing that song now.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good movie, but happiness can be beaten out of any young brother if they are subjected to a singing older sister who thinks she is Julie Andrews.  Anyway…

We had the park pretty much to ourselves, and went on a little walk to get acquainted – for I had to get to know Boppo – the Boston Terrier as well.  Full of energy and a healthy 8 years young, he sprang forth to the fresh terrain like a man on a mission.  Ahh, so much territory to smell and mark, but so little time and fluids.  Isn’t it the story with all of us? Hehe…

Standard operating procedure:  Walk around, look for good light and interesting features, keep Boppo off the clothes, and have a good time.  We managed 2 out of 3.


Margaret and Thomas

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Leslie + Dennis

Leslie and Dennis married on a gorgeous March afternoon.  With all the rain we’ve had, they managed to find a whole lot of sunshine for their special day. Good thing too, since we cruised around to some different spots and snagged photos along the way.

I must also mention that these people can party!  With Dennis being a doctor and Leslie a pediatric nurse, and their friends being doctors, pulling long and late hours isn’t an issue.  I found out just how long the party would go.  Here’s a hint:  Till Closing.

What follows is a very abbreviated version of a fun and fantastic day.


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Serena + Keith

Yeah, we’ve got plenty of sunshine right now, but let’s remember just a few weeks ago people! It was raining cats and dogs. (Wonder where that saying came from? Wait, the internet!  Here is an explanation of no less than a few possible origins.) But I digress…

Placing our hearts in the weatherman’s corner, we went for it at Tilden Park. Well, we just missed the rain, but still had a soggy time of it.  Serena had planned on us hiking a trail that she and Keith run on sometimes, but the streams were up so high, there was no way we were crossing that puppy.  So we had to re-prioritize and figure something out.

Thank goodness Tilden is blessed with wide-open meadows, Eucalyptus, and a sprinkling of Sequoias here and there.  Oh yeah, if I could put on a seminar to help clients model, I would hire Keith and Serena.  I didn’t even have to say a word, and they were changing it up, throwing different looks my way, and having a good time of it.  Here are a few from the day.


Serena + Keith.

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