Leslie + Dennis

Leslie and Dennis married on a gorgeous March afternoon.  With all the rain we’ve had, they managed to find a whole lot of sunshine for their special day. Good thing too, since we cruised around to some different spots and snagged photos along the way.

I must also mention that these people can party!  With Dennis being a doctor and Leslie a pediatric nurse, and their friends being doctors, pulling long and late hours isn’t an issue.  I found out just how long the party would go.  Here’s a hint:  Till Closing.

What follows is a very abbreviated version of a fun and fantastic day.



Dress and Shoes.

Almost There.

Dennis, catching a first glimpse of his bride.

Wiping away a tear.


Done and done!


Let’s hop in the limo and take some shots.  Salud!
These guys loved to have fun. I tell ya, it was like corralling several of my wife’s elementary school students sometimes. I’d catch one, and then  another would be wandering away to explore something else!  Don’t believe me?  Next photo please…

No more energy drinks for you guys!


Light is so fleeting. This little golden ray appeared all of a sudden, and I raced to frame up the Golden Gate and have Leslie in the perfect spot to illuminate her face. Got it.
The Crew and The Legion of Honor.
Heading down to the party.


Best introductions in a long time. MJ's 'Thriller' bringing down the house!

The wee hours, and still throwing it down.

Yep, this one went the distance, but I had the next morning off, so it was all good.

Leslie and Dennis, thanks for allowing me to photograph your big day.  Good times all around.  Best wishes and much love!

See you down the road.


3 thoughts on “Leslie + Dennis

  1. Todd these are amazing, thank you for putting up with us all day! We are so blessed that you and Jen were a part of our special day, can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. LOVE!!! The pics are gorgeous…I especially love the one of Les and Den walking down the aisle just after getting married- genuine grins!

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