Rachelle + John John

When your name is John John, you’re gonna have fun in life; that’s just a given.  Of course you’re going to snag a beautiful bride and party down with all of your amazing friends, because that’s what people who carry the name of John John do.

And so on an autumnal weekend day in the Shakespeare Gardens, nestled within the Presidio,  Rachelle and John merged their lives as one.  For as much as they love to laugh, joke, and have a great time, it was so moving to see these two lock eyes with everyone watching, and confess their love and commitment to each other.  I was honored to be there and capture their day.

Come take a look at this fun and fantastic wedding!

Even though this is one of the last photographs of the day, I couldn't resist showing it first. I couldn't believe our luck at GG Park. We had such great light and very few people to work around. Wedding magic kicks ass!

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Scott + Jeanne

Been waiting to write this one up for a while.  So much love here, it was crazy.  The ceremony was gorgeous; the site, the words, and the moments as well.  When the officiant opened his mouth for the first time and spoke, I think rays of light emanated forth, and thus, I shed but a single tear.  That’s saying something – for my tears are as valuable as Phoenix tears – they can mend any wound.  But enough Harry Potter trivia and silliness.  Scott and Jeanne do share an insane amount of love, and it was a wedding I was proud to photograph and attend.

We had lots of luck, from an amazing spot, great light, and some rain that was in the forecast, but held off for just long enough.  Come on up to Mt. Tam with me and check out this amazing wedding!

In the trees at the Amphitheatre atop Mt. Tamalpais.

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