Rachelle + John John

When your name is John John, you’re gonna have fun in life; that’s just a given.  Of course you’re going to snag a beautiful bride and party down with all of your amazing friends, because that’s what people who carry the name of John John do.

And so on an autumnal weekend day in the Shakespeare Gardens, nestled within the Presidio,  Rachelle and John merged their lives as one.  For as much as they love to laugh, joke, and have a great time, it was so moving to see these two lock eyes with everyone watching, and confess their love and commitment to each other.  I was honored to be there and capture their day.

Come take a look at this fun and fantastic wedding!

Even though this is one of the last photographs of the day, I couldn't resist showing it first. I couldn't believe our luck at GG Park. We had such great light and very few people to work around. Wedding magic kicks ass!

Rachelle's dress and necklace lay in wait.

Rachelle, brilliant.

Shoes and flowers.

John John, suiting up.

Awwwww yeah.

Totally money.

Bay Bridge and ship.

Rachelle, almost ready.

Through the curtains, getting ready.

Helping hands.

X 2.

Out on the deck at Hotel Vitale. Great Hotel and great views.

Shakespeare Gardens.

Rachelle, looking gorgeous walking down the aisle.

Becoming one.

Canon shooters are so insecure. Everytime I'm at a wedding, some random guy comes up with his Eos Rebel and says something like, "Oh, Nikon huh? Too bad." My internal response is, "We should compare portfolios," but of course I bite my tongue. Thankfully when I meet these two later in life, they won't be saying that.

This priest was totally pumped on Rachelle and John John getting hitched and kissing. He was totally raising the roof for everyone to get up and clap! Great energy! Loved it!

Looking pretty happy.

I told you... livin' it up.

I was waiting for his wheel to get caught on a ledge or the brick, making him go over the falls. Thankfully it never did, but I held my breath the whole way - it's happened to me a few times.

The girls.

Everything about this photo is right with the world. When I learned this was the second bottle of Jameson, I knew what kind of day it was going to be: Epic!

This one too...

Heading over to the amphitheatre.

John John and the boys, taking a different route.

Jumping for joy... or no reason at all. Does it really matter anyway?

Oh yeah, he can do this too.

It was time to head over to the Greens for a bite to eat and some dancing.

The food was excellent.

The cake too.




Father of the bride.

I think Rachelle is happy with John John's cutting skills.

Not so sure about plating though.

Yes, they were nice to each other.

Like father...

...like son.

In the limo, we figured we needed more booze. Good thing Safeway was just around the corner.

I laugh every time I see this one. A bit blurry yes, but it's a good representation of what everyone was seeing at this point.

That's just the haze from a gorgeous sunset. My Nikon is on the wagon.

Thank you Golden Gate.

Saw this brid out of the corner of my eye and was hoping it would fly into the frame. It did. I rattled of 9 frames in 1 second to make sure I got something cool. I think I did.

A bit closer with more bridge. One of my favorites from the day.

Rachelle and John John, I am looking forward to our next meeting and, uh hum, a cup of coffee.  What a great day!  Your wedding was gorgeous, and I had an amazing time photographing you, your family, and friends.  Looking forward to finishing up the rest of your photos so you can browse through them all.  Until then, much love, and say hello to Cloud for me!

See you down the road.


One thought on “Rachelle + John John

  1. a cup of coffee, with some jameson in it perhaps?

    thank you for a wonderful sneak peak at our photos, we can’t wait for the full set! we hope you had a great time! we certainly did.

    cloud and yukon need to go on an outting together! be in touch soon!

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