Capture Intigration Workshop

Just a quick casual Friday post of a photograph I snapped last weekend.  I had the good fortune to attend a “workshop” put on by Capture Integration and hosted by plenty of nice folks.  I quote the word workshop because the attendee list was full of full-time professional and advanced-amateur photographers.  It was more of a gathering to play with some really amazing photographic tools – like Phase One’s IQ250 – graciously supplied by Capture Integration.  Somehow I failed to link up with the crew for the sunrise shoot on Saturday, so I had to use my lowly Nikon D800 (just kidding – I am loving this camera every time I use it.)  Driving around Highway 1 at 5:30AM, I made the call to pull over and capture what I could, where I was, with the system I had.  This is one of my favorites from that crazy 30 minutes of light.  Zero scout time + steep terrain make this a keeper for me.

When I first got into photography, landscape photography really drew me in.  But the more I pursued it, in a way, I less interested I became.  Maybe my pictures sucked? I dunno. I think I craved stories that changed, and changed quickly.  In the words of one famous engineer, “I’m a people person!  I have people skills!”  But with all first loves, they somehow have a way of re-kindling the flames in your heart.  This coming year I am looking forward to some early mornings, along with pushing myself to learn and progress with an art form that captivated me from the very beginning.

Happy Friday!

2014-02-22 CI Workshop 0002