Tiffany + Adam

Tiffany has a lot of energy.  I have 43 emails in my gmail of her and I going back and forth over such items as props, the dogs, the scooter, the weather, change of clothes, what to expect, time of session, etc.  In the end, none of this mattered at all, as we had to deal with intermittent showers and dodgy weather at best.  To boot, her make-up artist texted her and said she couldn’t make it – a few hours before the session.  Man, that’s like breaking up over the phone.  In Tiffany’s words, “Really, she should just have the balls to cancel straight-up.”


Barring all of those ahhhhhhhh minor obstacles, we met at the Palace of Fine Arts for its big dome coverage.  A safety play in the rain.  But it was well worth it, cause the crowds were minimal and the light was pretty darn good.  Like any good zen photographer, you have to accept what is there and not push it.  Look for opportunities and ye shall be rewarded.

Good thing I brought the umbrella. It served us pretty well.

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Bill + Heidi

Got an email out of the blue a few months back.  “Would you be interested in shooting a wedding in Yosemite, and maybe a Pt. Reyes engagement session, since that’s where we got engaged?”  I could only have one response – Is the Pope Catholic?

And so Bill, Heidi, and I made plans for a weekend shoot.  I figured, if we’re heading all the way out to Pt. Reyes, let’s do it right and cover some ground.  Ya know, go for some different looks and use the National Seashore for all it’s beauty. Well, you know what they say about plans.  We make ’em and God laughs.  Note to all those who don’t live in Northern California right now:  God laughing = Rain.

Cool looking trail.

Even with the wind blowing and the rain coming down, we charged on out into the wilderness anyhow.  I was suited up my Gore-Tex goodness, and protecting my camera was an Aquatec Rain Sheild.  Good thing too, because it rained the entire session.

Gotta say, everything worked out perfectly.  I was fairly dry as was the equipment, and Bill and Heidi never wavered in their pursuit of, well, just having a good time.  We knew we were done when I mentioned something about hot spicy bean soup with sausages and cheese (I had just made it the night before).  As I was walking and talking about it, there was an odd silence behind me.  I asked if they were OK.  They responded, “Yes, but we were just thinking how good that soup sounds.”  I knew we only had a few more shots left.

Here are a few from the day.  Enjoy!

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Biz, Biz, Bizzzzz

Nothing like being holed up in your one-man office when it’s raining and the tax man is taking way more than you previously thought possible.  “Can that be right? Maybe if I carry the decimal and add the 2…”  Nope – TurboTax can only do so much.  Sigh…  So that takes care of the first Biz.  I got nothin’ for the second and third – suppose it was me just wanting a bit of onomatopoeia.  And rightly so, since this is partly what this post is about.  Animals.  Animal sounds. And lot’s of em! Can you guess what we got?


Yep.  Jen and I got a colony of happy little Italian Honey Bees.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for so long.  Why?  I love nature.  I love honey.  I am pretty afraid of things that fly with stingers.  Wait, that last statement doesn’t make any sense.  Well, I figure, it’s time to stop being such a wuss, and tackle my fear.  And so one early morning, Uncle Jer (my bee guy, but not my Uncle) came by and dropped off a nice strong colony. I asked a few questions, and then he was gone.  And then it was me and 10,000 of my closest girlfriends.

Honey Bee and Flowering Quince Blossom.

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Jessica + Rick

Our coast is gorgeous – not gonna lie – but it comes with some caveats such as pea-soup fog, blustery winds, and some pretty good storms now and then.  But sometimes the conditions line up, Poseidon is in a favorable mood, and it’s easy to see why you would want to live here.  When I met Jessica and Rick in Pacifica, it was one of those days.

Here are a few.  Enjoy!


Cypress + Light Fog + Sun = Good Stuff

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