Tiffany + Adam

Tiffany has a lot of energy.  I have 43 emails in my gmail of her and I going back and forth over such items as props, the dogs, the scooter, the weather, change of clothes, what to expect, time of session, etc.  In the end, none of this mattered at all, as we had to deal with intermittent showers and dodgy weather at best.  To boot, her make-up artist texted her and said she couldn’t make it – a few hours before the session.  Man, that’s like breaking up over the phone.  In Tiffany’s words, “Really, she should just have the balls to cancel straight-up.”


Barring all of those ahhhhhhhh minor obstacles, we met at the Palace of Fine Arts for its big dome coverage.  A safety play in the rain.  But it was well worth it, cause the crowds were minimal and the light was pretty darn good.  Like any good zen photographer, you have to accept what is there and not push it.  Look for opportunities and ye shall be rewarded.

Good thing I brought the umbrella. It served us pretty well.

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