Katie + Kevin – Berkeley Faculty Club

Two of the nicest people I ever met.  Seriously.  And they live in LA.  How can this be?  I don’t have an answer for you, because it still boggles my mind.  Just kidding LA! (?).  Katie and Kevin were consistently making sure my assistant and I were taken care of.  Did we have water?  Were we feeling OK?  Did we get enough to eat? It’s easy to get swept up in the big day, but I have somehow have a knack for working with couples that don’t really sweat the small stuff.  They are all about the love.  Family and friends.  Good times.  Now I am not saying a wedding shouldn’t be planned well and full of lots of fun details, but it’s a fine line.  Perfection can have it’s consequences.  Luckily this day everything went so smoothly, all I had to do was concentrate on finding great moments and great light.  I think we got a few.  Enjoy!

Katie + Kevin

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Melissa + Jason – Hillsborough Racquet Club

I met Melissa at a Bridal Fair at the Ritz-Carlton over a year ago.  It’s amazing how time flies.  Before you know it, you’re driving around in a Rolls Royce after a gorgeous ceremony and off to the Hillsborough Racquet Club.  The day was entirely perfect.  Friends and family witnessed and enjoyed a wonderful bond of two people in love, and a damn fine party.  Come take a look!

Melissa and Jason, seeing eye to eye.

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Mary + Hai

June in the city can be fickle.  Maybe the weather is good – sunshine and a bit of warmth – but most times there’s a nice coating of fog.  We had both for Mary and Hai’s wedding, which was great, because the look and feel of the photos were so contrasting.  The great thing about Mary and Hai is that they are very photo-centric.  They budgeted time to cruise around the city and capture some places they thought were cool.  I had a blast wrangling this crew around, spit-balling ideas to shoot, and talking smack with the boys here and there.  What follows is a pretty killer day.

Mary + Hai, atop the steps of the Sutro Baths with an audience of one.

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