A Good Time In The Woods

Being part of a community isn’t just existing in a place.  It also means being active within that community, getting to know people, cultivating relationships, and giving back.  Auctioning my services to help raise funds for local schools is a great way for me to do just exactly that.  It helps with education, an area in which California could use a little help, and puts me in contact with new clients – a great thing – especially in this economy.

When Charline scheduled the dates, and described her family, I was excited from the get go.  Their family is absolutely beautiful, full of “energy”, wise cracks, and grace as well.  Here are a few from that day.


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South of the Border – Not the one in South Carolina

Recently ventured down south of Cancun to visit with family at a little place where my parents could spend the rest of the years.  It was a nice break from the rain and gray of SF, and of course it was great to see everyone, including my little nephew Easton.  What else was great?  It’s great to know that some things don’t change.  There’s a venerable list of things to do, see, hear, and eat in Mexico.  Here are a few in no particular order:  Tacos, little old ladies, power lines sticking out of the ground, peddlers hawking everything from jaguar noise-making thingys to nose candy, a latin wedding, siestas, needless construction, construction workers wearing jellies, man powered stop lights, and the always audible accordion – somewhere in the background.

Poquita Iglesia

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