South of the Border – Not the one in South Carolina

Recently ventured down south of Cancun to visit with family at a little place where my parents could spend the rest of the years.  It was a nice break from the rain and gray of SF, and of course it was great to see everyone, including my little nephew Easton.  What else was great?  It’s great to know that some things don’t change.  There’s a venerable list of things to do, see, hear, and eat in Mexico.  Here are a few in no particular order:  Tacos, little old ladies, power lines sticking out of the ground, peddlers hawking everything from jaguar noise-making thingys to nose candy, a latin wedding, siestas, needless construction, construction workers wearing jellies, man powered stop lights, and the always audible accordion – somewhere in the background.

Poquita Iglesia

Easton, loving every minute of the beach.

Mooring lines, waiting for a return.

Catch of the day.

Jen, beaming. Literally.

Park Ranger.


Juice Stop.


They just put down all these pavers, and then they tore a section of them up, running the length of this street. All to retro-fit the electrical needed to illuminate the palm trees that were now going in. Oh planning, you are a fickle beast...


I'd say she's earned a good meal or two.

The ultimate reward: Tacos de Carnitas - and they were perfectly done too - just the right amount of fat and crunch.

More family work on the way soon.

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here…

See you down the road.


3 thoughts on “South of the Border – Not the one in South Carolina

  1. thank goodness you are always armed and ready – your camera catches everything – thank goodness so we can keep the memories alinve!

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