A Good Time In The Woods

Being part of a community isn’t just existing in a place.  It also means being active within that community, getting to know people, cultivating relationships, and giving back.  Auctioning my services to help raise funds for local schools is a great way for me to do just exactly that.  It helps with education, an area in which California could use a little help, and puts me in contact with new clients – a great thing – especially in this economy.

When Charline scheduled the dates, and described her family, I was excited from the get go.  Their family is absolutely beautiful, full of “energy”, wise cracks, and grace as well.  Here are a few from that day.




Straight Up

Post Belly Rub


Looking for Panda


Really... How are you supposed to keep him behind bars with a look like that?

Guys, thanks for letting me into your home and photographing.  You are a fun and amazing unit of peeps, and I hope to swing by in the future.  All the best!

See you down the road.


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