Pressed Fresh Daily

Great news.  Prospect is up and running, and officially, doors open tomorrow, for all the public.  The PR campaign has been hot and heavy, and I am lucky enough to have a photo grace the front page of the Daily Candy San Francisco.

Check out the quick article if you like.

The bar at Prospect greets the patrons as they enter. The space is clean and modern, as is the food and drink.

The Perfect Pit Stop

The summer solstice already came and went?  It’s been weeks since returning from Spain?  I’m going to dinner at Prospect tonight?   Where does the time go? Thank goodness I have the images to remind me (in detail) of what a wonderful adventure I’ve had thus far.

The streets of San Sebastian.

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The Correlation of Personality Characteristics and Pastry Chefs

For my university “senior project” (which in essence turned into a Master’s length thesis), I created a survey to sample the “Personality Characteristics of Marathon Runners.”  As the title implies, I wanted to see if there was any correlation between runners and their personalities.  For example, did someone who ran more than 5 marathons a year fit a certain profile, say, an introvert with an average age of 38?

Elise Fineberg - Prospect's Pastry Chef

Turns out, (for my study anyway) that I didn’t find any correlation between introverts and extroverts versus their running distances, races, etc…  This could have been based solely from my findings, or it could have been that I called my professor from Mexico on a pay-phone (after sailing down solo) from the old section of Puerta Vallarta to see if I had enough credit to pass, even though I wasn’t completely finished.  He said C, I took it for Sí, and that was that.

A decade later A few years hence, I found myself with another personality question. What is the average disposition of a chef? With the quiet seriousness that’s floating around Prospect right now, you might think they’re all biz and no fun. I tell you, it’s contagious. Walk into the kitchen, and the conversation and laughter that were bubbling out of your mouth quickly become muffled.  You don’t even have to look up before you round the corner to know it’s game time.  I was sort of walking around on egg shells for the past few days, trying not to disturb anything.

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Dinner First, Then Dessert

I know it sounds crazy, but when I entered Prospect a few days ago, it was almost surreal that meals were cooking on the plancha, bread crumbs were toasting in the oven, and ice cream was stirring with the freshest ingredients.  I was a pretty happy camper.  Reason A:  I would get to photograph the food in a few days.  B:  I would get to eat that food in a few days.

And since the test meals have been prepared, photographed, and eaten, here’s a sampling of what’s to come…

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Guest Blogging

Whew, it’s been a hurricane of activity around here!  Orders, shoots, and new clients are just filling up the time, but I have been writing too, just not for myself.  I recently posted a little comment on a Grub Street article and interview with the team at Prospect, and was asked by LiveSoma blogger Jeremy to add a little bit of inside knowledge for the local community.  So take a look and enjoy.  Also, I love the title, but sadly, did not come up with it on my own.

See you down the road.


Adam and Mollie

Adam and Mollie’s wedding was unique in many ways besides the European Vacation flair (sans Chevy Chase) and a reunion of sorts for many past San Sebastian scholastic inhabitants.  The nuptials included such fresh ideas as a Flash-Mob wedding site, sing along serenade, and carving into rare rib-eye in a house full of sneaky-strong apple cider.

Now that the dust has settled, and everyone is back from Spain (liver and lungs fully recovered), it’s time for some wedding pics.  To everyone’s delight, I won’t say much this time around – I will let the pictures do the talking – and you can decide if it was a good time or not.  Spoiler alert!  The answer is YES!

Mollie's Wedding Dress - Waiting

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Don’t Worry – We’ve Got A Chaperone

Adam and Mollie’s wedding in Spain was a blast, pure and simple.  I could get wordy – with the idyllic setting of the old town in San Sebastian, the horseshoe  shaped bay with it’s crystalline blue water, and the quaint shops lining alleys and avenues alike – but I won’t 🙂

Before we get to photos of the wedding, here are some photos of the days leading up to the wedding.  In particular, these photos are from the bachelor party.  Now normally a photographer wouldn’t be part of a bachelor party ( I have no idea why), but I strode along with camera in hand.  I mean, with people in charge with names like Jon Steelfeather and Max Hemlock, what sort of thing could go wrong?

Walking Out To Get The Night Started

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Smithsonian Contest Victory

Woo-Hoo!  My image of me and our trusty Subaru atop Skyline Blvd is finally in print of the June issue of the Smithsonian Magazine.  Please take a gander at the image in print or online.  If you check it out in the magazine, it’s about 10 pages deep.  If you just don’t have the patience for that, go straight to here for the magic.

See you down the road…

…in a Subaru