The Perfect Pit Stop

The summer solstice already came and went?  It’s been weeks since returning from Spain?  I’m going to dinner at Prospect tonight?   Where does the time go? Thank goodness I have the images to remind me (in detail) of what a wonderful adventure I’ve had thus far.

The streets of San Sebastian.

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today.  I’m sort of craving one of those Juantxo (pronounced Juan-cho) sandwiches that only Juantxo can make.  It has to be my favorite comfort-food eatery in San Sebastian.  It’s noisy, crowded, sort of gruff; just the kind of place you want to head to after 26 hours of plane, trains, and auto-buses.  But once you wrap your hands around that soft warm bread, smell the sauteed garlic, and glance the red piquillo peppers popping their glazed little heads out at you, the journey is well worth it.

Jauntxo Sandwich - Lomo, Piquillo Peppers, and Garlic

You order up, and the message is sent via talk-box to the kitchen downstairs. My favorite choice of meat is lomo, a thin strip of pork loin, cooked on la plancha, a single, flat sheet of hot cooking goodness.  Try and grab a seat whilst waiting, and you are set.  In a few minutes, up comes the ready sandwich via dumbwaiter, complete and ready for consumption. The sound of the plate being set on the table resonates a happy tone – for in a few moments you’ll be eating!  Take a deep breath, stare for a few seconds and take the first bite. Happiness…

The harbor and surrounding beaches of San Sebastian.

Now to work off the light meal, a walk up or around up Mt. Urgull will burn off a few extra calories.  You can glance out on the bay and fishing harbor, grab a sip of spring water, and just enjoy the clean, fresh, salt air.  All around ruins and placards guide you through history of the stories of  conquest, defeat, and war.

If you find yourself tired, take a rest on a bench…

Too hot? Sit in your own private tub for a few.

By the time you finish all that, your laundry should be dry.

Two sheets to the wind.

See you down the road.


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