Just wanted to pop in a special note.  Jen and I have a new edition to the family; a little Flat-Coated Retriever named Yukon. Known as the “Peter Pan” of dogs, they are smart, family orientated, and super loving little creatures.  Thus far, he has shown us nothing but that.

We’re already breaking down to let him sleep a night here and there up on the bed. Hey, it’s easier for us when he wakes in the morning, and it’s fun to listen to him dream and yelp at all the imaginary birds he chasing.  Here’s a few pics of the little man.

How can you say no to a face like this?

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Bill + Heidi

Bill and Heidi tied the knot at a place that speaks to them and for them, as they are creatures of the outdoors to say the least.  Evergreen Lodge lies a few miles away from the entrance of Hetch Hetchy and the West Entrance of Yosemite National Park. With its cute little cabins, rustic setting, and lack of cell service, it makes a pretty good retreat sans distractions.

If you caught the blog a few months ago you’ll remember Bill, Heidi, and I traipsed around Pt Reyes National Seashore (in the rain, uphill, both ways) for some great shots. Heidi enticed me on a walk that was “…only a mile or so.” About 5 miles later, back at the car wet and exhausted, I could only smile and shake with happiness and hunger pangs; the journey was worth it, for we got some great shots.  Well, we went a little further this time, but I reckon the shots came out even better. There are a few more than normal, but that’s just because there are so many epic shots, I just had to include them all.

Here’s proof!

Bill and Heidi, exchanging breath in the Maori tradition called Hongi.

Told you…  Enjoy the photos!

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Jasmine + Jacob

Coming to the end of the line with my engagement sessions that were won via Groupon style bidding offered by The Wedding Channel.  Yep, it was a crazy good deal, but as I said this would be a year of ‘yes’, I wanted to offer something amazing to everyone out there.  Well, it worked, and I sold out my allotted amount of E-Sessions in a few hours.  Pretty sweet.  I also have to credit all the new clients; they have been nothing but understanding, willing, and gracious subjects. Maybe cause I’m so easy to work with 🙂  Haha!  Just had to throw it out there.  It’s guaranteed that I will make you laugh and look good at the same time.

It wasn’t such a tall order with Jasmine and Jacob.  We met at Baker Beach in SF as the light was fading and managed to grab some amazing shots.  The proof is in the pudding, so read on.  Hope you enjoy!

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Jessi + Rich

Things are a bit slower around here, and I finally have some breathing room to get to a blog.  I posted 2 photos from Jessi and Rich’s wedding 3 weeks ago, and now I am finally ready to post a few more. I will keep the rambling to a minimum. Enjoy the photos!

Funny that I used this lighthouse to help guide me down the Pacific coast when I sailed to Mexico. Here's hoping it will help guide Jessi and Rich to new horizons as well.

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