Jasmine + Jacob

Coming to the end of the line with my engagement sessions that were won via Groupon style bidding offered by The Wedding Channel.  Yep, it was a crazy good deal, but as I said this would be a year of ‘yes’, I wanted to offer something amazing to everyone out there.  Well, it worked, and I sold out my allotted amount of E-Sessions in a few hours.  Pretty sweet.  I also have to credit all the new clients; they have been nothing but understanding, willing, and gracious subjects. Maybe cause I’m so easy to work with 🙂  Haha!  Just had to throw it out there.  It’s guaranteed that I will make you laugh and look good at the same time.

It wasn’t such a tall order with Jasmine and Jacob.  We met at Baker Beach in SF as the light was fading and managed to grab some amazing shots.  The proof is in the pudding, so read on.  Hope you enjoy!

We started off with some shots just up from the beach.

Green... it really pops.

I think a piggyback ride brings a smile to just about everyone.

Such troopers. I had them climb this rickety old concrete staircase to get this shot. To their credit, they were totally up for it. Thanks guys!

Finally, down to the beach.

A little nook with waves crashing about. Pretty nice.

From above.

Oh sand... so comfortable, yet such a pain. Still, I'll endure it for shots like this.

A little closer...

Then it happened, the light started getting really good. Man, I love this stuff...

It's a little soft, I know, but there's something so dreamy and timeless about this one. I really like it.

Having said that, this may be my favorite of the day. We had pretty much packed it in when the sun came through and did some quick magic. We assumed positions again and caught some great light. Woo hoo!

That’s it for another edition.  Hope you enjoyed the photos.

See you down the road.


2 thoughts on “Jasmine + Jacob

  1. I believe this may be your best ……….. the light is spot on and that makes for fantastic photo work. Nice job capturing what nature gave you. Your clients must be wonderfully pleased!!

  2. Sure loved the work you did for Heidi and Bill; eagerly awaiting the wedding pix. I hope I did not hinder too much your lovely assistant Jen.

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