Jessi + Rich

Things are a bit slower around here, and I finally have some breathing room to get to a blog.  I posted 2 photos from Jessi and Rich’s wedding 3 weeks ago, and now I am finally ready to post a few more. I will keep the rambling to a minimum. Enjoy the photos!

Funny that I used this lighthouse to help guide me down the Pacific coast when I sailed to Mexico. Here's hoping it will help guide Jessi and Rich to new horizons as well.

Just checking to make sure it's all good.

The Hotel Terrenea in the reflection. Swanky.

From the inside, looking out.

Rich, being helped along.

Best Mates. Dad and Bro.

Putting on the finishing touches.

Happy indeed.

The girls.

This is how we do it. Headin' down the hall Entourage style.

Rich's Mum and Dad look on. Look, I even spelled it Aussie style. What a guy, huh?!

Anna, as the moment hits.

Down the aisle.

The sun and ocean make a pretty nice alter, you gotta admit...




They Do!

What light and color! What a great backdrop! Jessi's grandmother's vintage wedding coat! Rich's stylin' suit! A lighthouse flashing! Whew, it was all good stuff.

Golden light.

One of the neat things about being on a bluff by the ocean is pelicans. These guys patrol up and down the coast. I had envisioned this shot, and I managed to grab a few frames as the light was starting to wane.

Sister Kate.

Chin chin.

A quiet dance alone.

Well, that’s it for another post.  I hope you enjoyed, and as always..

See you down the road.


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