Allied Arts Guild Wedding – Gabe + Casey – Menlo Park Wedding

Owning a VW has it’s advantages.  When you meet another person who can appreciate the Vanagon Westfailia as much as I do (read money pit), you know you’re in good company.  My first meeting with Gabe and Casey was at a cafe in Menlo Park.  They got some soup, I had a mocha.  We spoke of other stuff than wedding talk.  Things like where they were from, how they met, motorcycles, and yes, VW’s.  By the time they returned to the table with their meal, I think it was decided that I was the guy for them.  I can only say I am honored to have been your photographer.  It was such a blast to hang out with your family and friends, see you guys interact and have a great time, all the while capturing some amazing moments.  What follows is a slice of the day… or a tiny baklava bite… your choice.

gabe_casey_blog 0001

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Angela + Rodel – Hiddenbrooke Country Club – Vallejo

Angela and Rodel were graced with an absolutely perfect wedding.  There was nary a cloud in the sky, the weather being a classic Californian fall day.  Stands of oak and willow surrounded the grounds, and I knew there would be some great opportunities once the light softened a bit later in the day.  In the meantime, I just went back and forth from Rodel and Angela, happily snapping away the events as they unfolded.


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Josephine + Jason – Crystal Springs & San Francisco Conference Center

Every wedding has something unique about it.  There’s an identity, a fingerprint if you will, and that’s how people will remember your big day.  As a photographer who specializes in weddings, I’ve seen my fair share.  But there are always specific moments I remember that define the day.  Smiles, laughter, and love emanate from these two, along with their friends and family, but that description is more of a general feeling.  Divulging a more thorough list of emotional content, I remember the tenderness in which Josephine’s dad gave her away.  I remember Jason’s brother’s speech.  I remember tears, laughter, and happiness.  I remember the rib-eye.  And for that last one, you’ll have to go a little deeper.  Enjoy!

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Rachel + Paul – El Dorado Hotel and Restaurant – Sonoma

The minute I met Paul, I liked him.  Maybe because he dropped an F-Bomb after 5 minutes of talking.  I have been known to have a salty mouth myself, and after   living on a sailboat for a few years, you just sort of become a pirate.  But I digress…  Rachel.  What’s not to like about Rachel?  She’s sweet and kind, beautiful, and she drinks beer, nay, enjoys it, which is always a plus in a good woman.  To think that Paul almost missed out on all this goodness because he waited like a month just to call her up gives me shivers.  Thankfully, by the time he got the nerve up to call her, she was still available.  In the end, these two (who I can assure you are made for each other) came together and got married on a damn fine day in September in Sonoma.

Rachel + Paul

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Katie + Kevin – Berkeley Faculty Club

Two of the nicest people I ever met.  Seriously.  And they live in LA.  How can this be?  I don’t have an answer for you, because it still boggles my mind.  Just kidding LA! (?).  Katie and Kevin were consistently making sure my assistant and I were taken care of.  Did we have water?  Were we feeling OK?  Did we get enough to eat? It’s easy to get swept up in the big day, but I have somehow have a knack for working with couples that don’t really sweat the small stuff.  They are all about the love.  Family and friends.  Good times.  Now I am not saying a wedding shouldn’t be planned well and full of lots of fun details, but it’s a fine line.  Perfection can have it’s consequences.  Luckily this day everything went so smoothly, all I had to do was concentrate on finding great moments and great light.  I think we got a few.  Enjoy!

Katie + Kevin

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Mary + Hai

June in the city can be fickle.  Maybe the weather is good – sunshine and a bit of warmth – but most times there’s a nice coating of fog.  We had both for Mary and Hai’s wedding, which was great, because the look and feel of the photos were so contrasting.  The great thing about Mary and Hai is that they are very photo-centric.  They budgeted time to cruise around the city and capture some places they thought were cool.  I had a blast wrangling this crew around, spit-balling ideas to shoot, and talking smack with the boys here and there.  What follows is a pretty killer day.

Mary + Hai, atop the steps of the Sutro Baths with an audience of one.

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Kyra + Matt

A gorgeous drive up the coast.  Fire spinning.  Camping out.  A multi-day affair.  How and why do I get myself into these positions?  I get lucky and I love them!  Yes, it’s a lot of work, but when you’ve got clients committed to creating a magical day where the main goal is happiness, community, and an unreal party, going the extra mile is completely worth it.  Kyra and Matt married near Ukiah in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains, water, friends, and love.

Kyra + Matt

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Scott + Jeanne

Been waiting to write this one up for a while.  So much love here, it was crazy.  The ceremony was gorgeous; the site, the words, and the moments as well.  When the officiant opened his mouth for the first time and spoke, I think rays of light emanated forth, and thus, I shed but a single tear.  That’s saying something – for my tears are as valuable as Phoenix tears – they can mend any wound.  But enough Harry Potter trivia and silliness.  Scott and Jeanne do share an insane amount of love, and it was a wedding I was proud to photograph and attend.

We had lots of luck, from an amazing spot, great light, and some rain that was in the forecast, but held off for just long enough.  Come on up to Mt. Tam with me and check out this amazing wedding!

In the trees at the Amphitheatre atop Mt. Tamalpais.

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Betsy + Michael

I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while.  When Betsy, Michael, and I talked about the wedding and location, I was fired up to photograph a gorgeous spot so close to my own backyard.  Chateau La Joye is just over the hill on the way to the ocean via Old La Honda Road.  Along this road, I’ve done the following:  bicycled, picked fresh Chanterelle mushrooms, foraged on wild blackberries, and surfed the wild waters just a bit further down the road.  Why not add a wedding to the list?

And so it was that Betsy and Michael got hitched in front of family and good friends in a beautiful place.

Glowing in the woods.

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Liz + Mike

When you know the love is there, it makes the day that much more special.  Liz and Mike are in love.  I know, because they are friends of mine.  I see them goof around, throw looks, and they have successfully camped together and are still a couple.  That’s the ultimate test I tell you!  Mike loves to laugh.  Liz loves board games at any hour.  And they both enjoy a good vaso de vino when the time is right (when is it not?).  So it’s fitting that we decided to get some cool shots at the amazing Castello di Amirosa.  This place is pretty cool.  The basic story is a very rich man imported stone from old degrading European castles and made his own in Napa.  They make a pretty damn good wine too (well, many actually).  Here are a few from the day, pre-wine tasting!


Circa 16th Century Wine Press in the background. Liz, doing some pressing of her own.

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