Kyra + Matt

A gorgeous drive up the coast.  Fire spinning.  Camping out.  A multi-day affair.  How and why do I get myself into these positions?  I get lucky and I love them!  Yes, it’s a lot of work, but when you’ve got clients committed to creating a magical day where the main goal is happiness, community, and an unreal party, going the extra mile is completely worth it.  Kyra and Matt married near Ukiah in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains, water, friends, and love.

Kyra + Matt

Saratoga Springs.

A man and his guitar.

Drum Wall.

The Groom, doing a little shredding.

The “Variety Show” went outside for a little fire-spinning.

Matt, walking the fire around.

Tomorrow had to come sometime, and it was time to get ready.

Kyra, pretty happy with the results.

Some last minute buttoning up.

In stark contrast: The Men. Open shirt from new package. Iron some stuff. Done.

Man Circle.

Powering up before heading out.

Kyra looking like Wonder Woman here. Ready to get married.

Things were amazing and crazy right about now. We had 10 minutes to get some great shots, as the wedding ran a bit late. Food was being prepped and I needed to get the B + G back so food could be plated up. With a golf cart, some great settings, and sweet light, we made it happen. Not bad for 10 minutes!




Normally, I wouldn’t include this as it was a test frame, but the kids’ faces caught my eye. There was such a frenzy to eat this cake and so many kids around, I thought they were gonna lose it and just start devouring it. At one point, the adults literally had to use raised voices and shoo them away. Crazy!

Kyra and Matt, I truly had a wonderful time at your wedding celebration.  I wish I could have stayed longer, as I was really interested to take the horticulturalist hike around the surrounding area.  Ever since starting beekeeping, I’m fascinated with what’s around me and when it’s blooming.  Sure enough, you two have bloomed as well, and I look forward to seeing what life holds for you two amazing people down the road.  And that’s just it…

See you down the road.




5 thoughts on “Kyra + Matt

  1. Thanks for such a great blog posting and these wonderful photos. I loved every minute of that weekend. It was great to have you participating in our shared experience.


  2. Thank you for these beautiful photos. They capture the essence of our magical weekend and you were the perfect man for the job. What a lovely tease for the rest of your photos!

  3. Thank you Todd for your incredibly beautiful photos. You did a wonderful job of creating a beautiful, magical weekend and the wedding of two beautiful, magical people. As the MOB (mother of the bride), I couldn’t be more pleased!

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