Melissa + Jason

I’ve been having tons of luck with the weather recently.  That’s in stark contrast to last year, when we had a pretty rainy spring, and I was hoofing it around Pt. Reyes in the rain.  Melissa, Jason, and I met at the Palace of Fine Arts, and not only was the weather holding up, but there was a noticeable lack of humans that I found sort of ominous and advantageous.  I guess they were all out somewhere else enjoying the day.   And so with Zeus in good spirits, the sun shone down upon us, refracting through brambles, off columns, and making all of us look oh so good.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out!

Palace of Fine Arts.

Just warming up.

I think I always surprise people when they ask me what we’re going to be doing. Typically I have no clue, and I tell them so. I just walk around and look for good light and composition.


Into the light.

Palace of Fine Arts. Empty and well lit.

Eye-balling her man.

Little bit of black and white.


This girl was making huge bubbles, like 30 ft long. We popped over and incorporated a few into our shots. I was worried when one of them exploded on Melissa. I thought her hair would be all soapy. It wasn’t… so it was all good!

Then we turned the corner and I saw this god ray beaming down. I shouted, “Run over there, and get by that column.” They got there in time, and we got the shot. Yes!

The cool thing about the Palace of Fine Arts is its proximity to the beach, and with it, a totally different look and feel.

Washed out goodness.

The photo above makes it feel like they’re on a beach somewhere on the east coast. But with this one, you know exactly where they are.

This one too.

I know I know… I picked a lot of photos going into the sun, but hey, it ‘s my blog and they are my favorites. Ha!

A nice way to end the day.

Melissa and Jason, I had a great time cruising around with you guys.  The wedding will be here soon, and I’m so looking forward to watching and photographing you guys getting hitched.  Till then…

See you down the road.


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