Done and Done

So tired…

Blog suffering…

Must maintain…

Sorry for the lack of bloggage all.  I have been busy to say the least.  A wedding in Colorado, and wedding in San Jose, and commercial jobs here and there have left me spent.  But I will rise above!

Hang in there people!  New blog.  New wedding.  Coming soon…

See you down the road.


Sara + Eric + Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Jen and I met Sara last January.  We attended a bridal faire at the Claremont Hotel in Oakland, and she and her mom perused by once or twice.  We hit it off quickly, and I had a good feeling.

Long story short, a few weeks ago we started plans for a time to meet.  Eric, her fiancé, joined us for a cup o’ tea and a little portfolio review.  Some days later I got a call that I was hoping for, and pretty soon after, we headed down to Santa Cruz’s Boardwalk for an engagement session.

Legs dangling.

The boardwalk is such a great place to photograph due to all the colors, action, and perspectives.  Plus, you can grab a Deep Fried Twinkie whenever your heart desires.  Unless, um, your heart seizes up from too many said Twinkies.  So grab your snack of choice, take a minute, and browse for a bit.

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Cortney + Mike

I gotta be up front – I have attended a few country weddings – but this one takes the cake.  From big belt buckles to boots, Wranglers to Coors Light, and some good old line dancing mixed in, this puppy had it all.  And you know what? It was a damn good time!

Side by Side.

What follows are some good times, pilsner beer, and slick dance moves.

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