Sara + Eric + Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Jen and I met Sara last January.  We attended a bridal faire at the Claremont Hotel in Oakland, and she and her mom perused by once or twice.  We hit it off quickly, and I had a good feeling.

Long story short, a few weeks ago we started plans for a time to meet.  Eric, her fiancé, joined us for a cup o’ tea and a little portfolio review.  Some days later I got a call that I was hoping for, and pretty soon after, we headed down to Santa Cruz’s Boardwalk for an engagement session.

Legs dangling.

The boardwalk is such a great place to photograph due to all the colors, action, and perspectives.  Plus, you can grab a Deep Fried Twinkie whenever your heart desires.  Unless, um, your heart seizes up from too many said Twinkies.  So grab your snack of choice, take a minute, and browse for a bit.

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