Betsy + Michael

I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while.  When Betsy, Michael, and I talked about the wedding and location, I was fired up to photograph a gorgeous spot so close to my own backyard.  Chateau La Joye is just over the hill on the way to the ocean via Old La Honda Road.  Along this road, I’ve done the following:  bicycled, picked fresh Chanterelle mushrooms, foraged on wild blackberries, and surfed the wild waters just a bit further down the road.  Why not add a wedding to the list?

And so it was that Betsy and Michael got hitched in front of family and good friends in a beautiful place.

Glowing in the woods.

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Liz + Mike

When you know the love is there, it makes the day that much more special.  Liz and Mike are in love.  I know, because they are friends of mine.  I see them goof around, throw looks, and they have successfully camped together and are still a couple.  That’s the ultimate test I tell you!  Mike loves to laugh.  Liz loves board games at any hour.  And they both enjoy a good vaso de vino when the time is right (when is it not?).  So it’s fitting that we decided to get some cool shots at the amazing Castello di Amirosa.  This place is pretty cool.  The basic story is a very rich man imported stone from old degrading European castles and made his own in Napa.  They make a pretty damn good wine too (well, many actually).  Here are a few from the day, pre-wine tasting!


Circa 16th Century Wine Press in the background. Liz, doing some pressing of her own.

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Filing through the database and cleaning out some files to make room for more, I came across this pic of Yukon.  This was a hike we did in June after that weird late season rain.  The wind was blowing on top of the ridge, but the light was good.  He sat still just long enough for me to grab a few nice frames.   He’s grown so much since then – mentally and physically – and he now weighs in at a little over 60 pounds ( he’s not done yet!).  He retrieves like nobody’s business, and duck season is only a few short weeks away.  I can’t wait for his first hunt, and many more to come.  Of course there will be more photos following his progress, but in the meantime…

Yukon, giving his best "Blue Steel"

Have a great day everyone.

See you down the road.

– Todd

Robert + Niki

Wait for it.  Wait for it. Wait… for… it…  Done.  Robert and Niki complete the craziness that was 15 engagement sessions discounted at a crazy good price on The Wedding Channel’s website, in a Groupon style deal.  It was a lot of work, but I got to meet so many amazing people, share a few hours with them, and stoke them out with some great pictures and my sometimes wild antics.  I often did most of the talking, and our subjects often included my current hobbies, such as backyard chickens, beekeeping, surfing, yoga, sailing, cycling, foraging for wild mushrooms (not the loopy type), hunting, and my new pup.  Within all this blabbering, I was seeking one thing, an in with my clients.  A door to something they enjoy, thus a mutual relationship, and the doors of safeguarding being broken down.  I always say, “The best photos on our session will come towards the end.”  Once again, it was so true.

Take a look for yourself.

Nicely backlit, Niki and Robert have plenty of reasons to smile.

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