Robert + Niki

Wait for it.  Wait for it. Wait… for… it…  Done.  Robert and Niki complete the craziness that was 15 engagement sessions discounted at a crazy good price on The Wedding Channel’s website, in a Groupon style deal.  It was a lot of work, but I got to meet so many amazing people, share a few hours with them, and stoke them out with some great pictures and my sometimes wild antics.  I often did most of the talking, and our subjects often included my current hobbies, such as backyard chickens, beekeeping, surfing, yoga, sailing, cycling, foraging for wild mushrooms (not the loopy type), hunting, and my new pup.  Within all this blabbering, I was seeking one thing, an in with my clients.  A door to something they enjoy, thus a mutual relationship, and the doors of safeguarding being broken down.  I always say, “The best photos on our session will come towards the end.”  Once again, it was so true.

Take a look for yourself.

Nicely backlit, Niki and Robert have plenty of reasons to smile.

We had such gorgeous weather, and with The Rock in the background, I just couldn't resist snapping a few shots with that iconic place in one of my photos.

Robert teaches art in a high school. I bet the cafeteria aide would be freaking out right now if she saw him standing on the top of a picnic table. The Nerve!

Really Lunch Lady? You would try to break this goodness up? No way...

Making our way over to the beach, found some nice light.

Yep, more nice light.

Take a breath. It's Friday. Head to the beach. You can't help but feel relaxed, no?


Niki, eyeing her man.

Bringing it in for the real thinh.

Fire escape, beachside style.

Great little house with shingles, rust, texture, and light. Couldn't go wrong over here.

I think she likes him.


Just in time to finish off my Friday with a bang!  Niki and Robert, great to meet you, and so happy to get some great shots with you two.  Congrats again, and have a great time in Atlanta during the wedding!  As for me, the last engagement session of the year happens tomorrow in Napa.  Should be good light and good fun.  Of course a little vino never hurts things 🙂

Have a great weekend all.

See you down the road.



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