Shannon + Joe

Met Shannon and Joe downtown.  Joe was having a beer to ‘calm the nerves’ as it were.  Once again, I heard the old,
“Oh, we don’t photograph well,” line.  Yeah yeah.  That’s like telling me I can’t do it, and you know, that’s only going to make me try harder 🙂   So with a beer in the belly and our light fading fast, we got to it.  So should you.  Get to looking at these photos!

Starting out with a great view of the city.

We were having a pretty good time...

Then we decided to go even higher. Note to self, must exercise more!

We made it up to Coit Tower. Cool place for sure.

Lots of places to sneak away to.

But you can't let your love get too far away. Gotta keep an eye out.

All I can think about is Robert Dinero in Meet the Fockers.

I think Shannon may think the same... 🙂

Snuck over to this window and reflection. The views were pretty nice up there.

There was this crazy Trumpet Vine looking tree. Total Willy Wonka style. Had to grab a shot of it. You want to know the coolest part? We plucked a flower and drank honey wine and saw Oompaloompas. No Joke!

After a bit, Shannon said, "I really want to throw some of these flowers. Would that be OK?" long as it makes you feel good. Yep. It did.

Bougainvillea and stairs.

We ended the night along the Wharf. There is hardly any light, and I am pushing my camera to the max. It's a bit gritty, but it makes the whole photo moody, and I like it. My 2 cents though... Either way, it was the end of a great day.

Busy weekend coming up.  I’ll find my zen and rock it out.

Till then…

See you down the road.


One thought on “Shannon + Joe

  1. Wow Todd! Terrific job. I love that your photos are so candid with different angles, lighting and settings. It is obvious that you are passionate about your art and able to connect with all of your clients. I really liked how you made the photographic situations work with each couple I viewed on your blog….an obvious sign of talent and communication skills. Thx for posting.

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