Liz + Mike

When you know the love is there, it makes the day that much more special.  Liz and Mike are in love.  I know, because they are friends of mine.  I see them goof around, throw looks, and they have successfully camped together and are still a couple.  That’s the ultimate test I tell you!  Mike loves to laugh.  Liz loves board games at any hour.  And they both enjoy a good vaso de vino when the time is right (when is it not?).  So it’s fitting that we decided to get some cool shots at the amazing Castello di Amirosa.  This place is pretty cool.  The basic story is a very rich man imported stone from old degrading European castles and made his own in Napa.  They make a pretty damn good wine too (well, many actually).  Here are a few from the day, pre-wine tasting!


Circa 16th Century Wine Press in the background. Liz, doing some pressing of her own.

Heading towards the chapel.

Getting lost in the vineyard.

Whew. We made it out OK.

Mike was giggly for the whole session. But it worked in my favor, as I will take smiles over scowls any day of the week.

It was getting warm, so we decided to take a break in the shade.

Moving into the halls of the castle, we found some great perspective and light.

We found some nice quiet moments as well.

Black and White.

Now that's a good looking couple.


Since Liz is in the wine industry, she has some contacts; one of whom directs most of the castle. Hence, we got to see some of the places that the general public (or peasants in this case... you know, being a castle and all) just don't get to view. Heading up to the belltower.

Mike, enjoying the view.

More love from the courtyard.

Somewhere, someone is raising a glass and inevitably shouting, “In Vino Veritas!”  I can only shake my head in agreement.  The castle was amazing, the wine fantastic (especially the reserve stuff…delish!), and we had a great time cruising around Napa.  Thanks Liz and Mike for being such troopers and hanging in there during the long day.  Talk to you soon!

See you down the road.













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