Cortney + Mike

I gotta be up front – I have attended a few country weddings – but this one takes the cake.  From big belt buckles to boots, Wranglers to Coors Light, and some good old line dancing mixed in, this puppy had it all.  And you know what? It was a damn good time!

Side by Side.

What follows are some good times, pilsner beer, and slick dance moves.

A beautiful back.

A mother's finishing touches.

Some of the best flowers I have seen in a while.

The Venue.

Bridesmaid. Prepping.

Cortney had these gorgeous frogs on the bouquet.

The Bride - Ready.

Mike, just a bit serious for the time being. He just needs his Coors, and he'll be alright!

Mom. Proud.


The rings are exchanged.

Walking. Together.

There's a reason they call the country club 'Boulder Ridge.' They made for some cool environmental photos with the limited time we had. Like 3 minutes!

Our trusty steed.

Once our poor stallion made it back up the hill, it was time to take some family and bridal party portraits.

Bridal Party.

Groom and Best Man.

Dinner Time.


Loved the Cake!

This is where the party started to kick it up (or the alcohol really started to take effect!)  JK.  But once the DJ started playing the tunes, the dance floor was constantly occupied, and always with, something interesting to photograph 🙂


First Dance.

Getting Groovy.

The tallest cowboy I have ever seen. And the best dancer too.

Tim decided the bride and groom needed some extra cash, so he did a money dance. I gotta tell ya, when you see him move to "Pour Some Sugar On Me" you will remember that song forever. By the way, that's a 5 spot in the jeans.


Where's the Garter?

Good Friends.

Good Times.

See ya'll later!

Thanks again Cortney and Mike!  Congrats and best wishes.

See you down the road.


4 thoughts on “Cortney + Mike

  1. Todd-

    These pictures are GORGEOUS!!! Can you send me a disc of the whole wedding for my website, photo credit to you of course!


    Nicole Conway, CPWP
    Day of Coordination by Conway Creations & Events

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