Avila Beach + Kids

I headed down to see my sister for a day, and of course baby E (not you Eric.. but it was good to see you too.) my nephew and godson.  (Call me godfather if you wish…) Of course camera was in hand with all the cute little ones running around, and I wanted to share a few images.  I mean, what’s not to love about kids at the beach?

Easton - first time touching the Pacific Ocean.

Logan, ready to hit the water.

Mac - Stoked

Easton - Really Stoked

Lisa and Hayleigh

Sophie - Shovelin'

Tyler and Tanner - Up to something...

Grandma and Anthony

Hayleigh had to make it in again... this was just too cute of a look.

And now it’s time for the group photo.  With all these perfect children, there wouldn’t be a problem.  Right?  The whole progression is amazing, and here are just a few.

Every photo tells a story...


The last one before final melt-down. It will have to do 🙂

Good times.  Can’t wait to Mer, Eric, and baby E move out here…

See you down the road-


6 thoughts on “Avila Beach + Kids

  1. Thanks for capturing such a fun, and funny, day for all of us! The pics are great – and totally tell the story of how the day unfolded…ha!

  2. Darling pictures, thanks Todd! Logan’s pose is totally…”the beach is that way”…love it! Awesome group pics too. Thanks again. Great to see you. Claire

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