Santa Cruz – Zoomed In

In this second part of a two part series “Why I need the big huge lensI traveled to Santa Cruz and back along it’s coastal road north, Highway 1, to see what I could find. It’s pretty amazing what a pre-conceived “mundane” day can bring about. All I can say is man, I wish I had more days to just photograph.

For those who didn’t catch the first part of the plea with myself and financial responsibilities, I am currently weighing the option of investing in a substantial piece of photographic equipment.  Whether my want will become my need, which may become my remorse, has yet to be seen, but it sure was fun using Nikon’s 200-400mm VR F4 lens.

The sign says it all. That's where I am headed.

Looking at this photo, you’re right.  The photo has been tweaked substantially, but in a good way.  Having just upgraded to Adobe’s Lightroom 3, I am really happy with the new program.  It renders photos better than the previous version, and has some great built in effects as well.  Now I’ve always been a fan of film, but digital is where we live now.  Thanks to Adobe, I can get a fun cross process effect that used to take time and skill, all in the click of a button.  So just to let you know, there may be one or two more of them in here.  Just a little FYI.

I don’t know, I am having fun with it, but trying not to overdue it at the same time. Sometimes a photo, scene, or light just lends itself perfectly to a certain look.  Roll with it and don’t look back 🙂

So here’s my day.  Let the fun begin.

From the point at Steamer Lane, looking down on a victorious hole shot.

Pelicans, in flight and resting.

Found some kite-surfers down the road. Inflate part of the wing, fly it, and get ready to hit the water.

Here's your throttle, steering, and lifelines...literally. If you didn't notice, you can see the sand grains flying over the steering handle. Sharpness anyone?

Like I said, hold on and tear it up!

Heading further up the coast, I came across this little gem of a surf spot.  The wind was offshore as it wrapped around the point, the tide was dropping, and the light was some kind of goodness.

Heading out. Not a bad day.

Grabbing a little barrel.

There were rights too.

Pulled back, through the trees.

That little piece of water in-front of the finger of land is where the wave broke. Just off-shore are creatures that patrol the waters for big meals.

Sadly, I left the wave in search for some more subjects.  I could have happily watched this guy get a few more, but sometimes you gotta move on.


Fishing boat, heading in. I followed this guy up the coast for 2.5 hours!

Pigeon Point Lighthouse with pastels.

Don't forget, it's farm country out here too!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!  A Big Thanks to my friend KC Mares for allowing me to use this great piece of glass for a week (while he was in France with his girl – so don’t feel too sympathetic!)

See you down the road.


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