Are Your Wants Really Your Needs?

My wife’s side of the family likes to razz her about a few lines she has said over the years – one of which is pretty famous. When she was young, she said to her mom, “Mom, I need this,” pointing to whatever current trend was sweeping the pre-pubescent population of girls at the time.  It could have been the Easy Bake Oven, or Barbie’s new Pink Corvette with super sexy and extremely heterosexual Ken Doll.  The point is, she needed it.  And when her mom replied to her, “Jennifer, you don’t need that.  You just want it.”  Jen thought about this for a moment and then shot back, “Yes, but my wants become my needs.”

Jen, wanting me to stop taking pictures of her.

Oh how a 9 year old can be so deadly accurate?  As I swing Nikon’s 200-400mm VRI around to take a few shots of whatever is far off in the distance – a ship’s bow, a couple walking, time’s creation – and find a new need.  Yes, it’s heavy. Coming in at just over 7 pounds and  just over $6K (gulp), it’s a lens that commands respect, proper shooting technique, and gathers an audience when you have it out and about.

Jen, enjoying a morning walk in Half Moon Bay.

But the photos!  The images I have already captured after 2 days of shooting simply blow me away.  It’s a truly remarkable piece of optical design – a purchase that I reckon, I will find myself needing very soon (I’ve already passed the want stage).

Fisherman's Mailbox.

Not all glass (as it’s know in “photog” speak) is created equal.  Many things contribute to a great lens.  Speed of focus and accuracy, BOKEH (the artistic blurred rendering of the background), color and color saturation, and ergonomics.  Well, this piece of glass scores pretty much perfect in every regard.

Squid on ice.

Lots of squid... Sometimes I wonder how the Ocean can keep up with us. Can it?

Fisherman Walking.

After walking around on the docks, I spied some color and a Blue Heron.  If only I could get close and not scare it away before a few good shots…

Blue Heron, stalking.

Today I am heading down the coast to Santa Cruz to see what I can find.  A few more days with this lens to see if something I am really going to need.

Color against the morning grey.

Gull and Kelp.

Thus far, there’s just no reason not to get it 🙂

See you down the road.


2 thoughts on “Are Your Wants Really Your Needs?

  1. wow, todd. what a difference a lens can make. the quality and clarity are outstanding. looks like you’re going to need that thing

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