Betsy + Michael

My mother-in-law was a teacher, and she’s got some theories.  One theory in particular that resonates with me is the one about people named Michael.  “The worst trouble makers I ever had in class were named Michael,” she always says.  Now this rings a chord with me, as my middle name is Michael.  Does that mean I am only half trouble?  Ask my mom and you’ll probably get a “humph” and a “…no, he was full trouble.”  So I guess my mother-in-law is right?  Dammit again!  Back to the point – Michael, Betsy’s Michael, gave me trouble.  Whenever I would press the shutter down he would scowl.  I mean like grumpy old man,  I have a hernia, don’t bother me face.  Immediately after I would finish a series of shots, he would laugh and look natural.  So I had to adjust my style, make more off color jokes, and hope for the best.


Well, I like to think that I cracked the ice and mellowed him out.  But take a look for yourself and see…

Michael and Betsy warming up at Land's End. The flowers were beautiful.

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Are Your Wants Really Your Needs?

My wife’s side of the family likes to razz her about a few lines she has said over the years – one of which is pretty famous. When she was young, she said to her mom, “Mom, I need this,” pointing to whatever current trend was sweeping the pre-pubescent population of girls at the time.  It could have been the Easy Bake Oven, or Barbie’s new Pink Corvette with super sexy and extremely heterosexual Ken Doll.  The point is, she needed it.  And when her mom replied to her, “Jennifer, you don’t need that.  You just want it.”  Jen thought about this for a moment and then shot back, “Yes, but my wants become my needs.”

Jen, wanting me to stop taking pictures of her.

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