Betsy + Michael

My mother-in-law was a teacher, and she’s got some theories.  One theory in particular that resonates with me is the one about people named Michael.  “The worst trouble makers I ever had in class were named Michael,” she always says.  Now this rings a chord with me, as my middle name is Michael.  Does that mean I am only half trouble?  Ask my mom and you’ll probably get a “humph” and a “…no, he was full trouble.”  So I guess my mother-in-law is right?  Dammit again!  Back to the point – Michael, Betsy’s Michael, gave me trouble.  Whenever I would press the shutter down he would scowl.  I mean like grumpy old man,  I have a hernia, don’t bother me face.  Immediately after I would finish a series of shots, he would laugh and look natural.  So I had to adjust my style, make more off color jokes, and hope for the best.


Well, I like to think that I cracked the ice and mellowed him out.  But take a look for yourself and see…

Michael and Betsy warming up at Land's End. The flowers were beautiful.

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