Elliston Vineyards Wedding – Aaron + Yumi

When Jen and I returned home from the JET program (teaching English as second language)  years ago, we wondered when, where, and how our limited Japanese skills would come into play.  Turns out, a little “Yoroshuku Onegaishimasu” goes a long way, because that simple greeting led to greater things with Aaron and Yumi.

And it turns out, language brings people together on many levels – for it’s the reason that these two are together as well. Yumi decided to come over to the US and attend school. First she had to get her English skills up to par.  That’s where Aaron and his TOFL goodness came in, instructing Yumi on the finer points of our beloved language.  Today, they got hitched at Elliston Vineyards.


Yumi, waiting. Hit from above camera left with a shoot thru umbrella.

Japanese fan and flowers.


Aaron's ready.

Is it really time for a muffin? I love the look...


Elliston Vineyards boasts a 12 room mansion that was built in the late 1800’s.  All of the furniture are period pieces, and are a photographer’s dream.  I wish I had all day to set up a few photos, but weddings don’t work that way.  So you have to adapt and run and gun.  Thanks for being patient guys!

She's got the glow.

Jodie and Sheila - Looking good. Also, it was their 42nd wedding anniversary. Nice.


Dave and Naoko.

Father of the Bride - Katsumi - and of course - the Bride.

Aaron, happy.

Man and Wife.

Jodie was a kick. I didn't even have to prompt him. He was a proper goofball a the perfect moment!



Cake and Flowers.

A toast to good fortune.

First Dance.

Yumi was so nervous about the first dance.  She was worried she didn’t have “the moves” down well enough.  Well, I gotta say, no one noticed if you did or didn’t, and it was a lovely sight to watch.

Yuki-san and Katsumi-san. Kawaii ne!

I love the nails.

Last Dance.

Celebration Time!


Done and done.

The Rose Hotel.


It was hard to narrow it down to the 30 or so images above.  There were so many good ones to choose from!  Either way, I just want congratulate you two and a fantastic wedding.  Thanks for letting me in on such a special day – I’m honored.  Much Love!

See you down the road.


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