Becoming a man is easy.  Nothing stops time, and we all grow old and grey at some point.  But, becoming a real man – well adjusted, humble, kind, personable, passionate, and resolute – well, those are qualities we learn as we grow.  Parents teach and guide, and can only hope to instill these qualities in their children.  The real leg work is left to each individual.  From my first meeting with JD, I recognized a solid human being, eagerly anticipating his Bar Mitzvah with equal parts excitement and apprehension.  In like turn, I was feeling somewhat the same from a photographic standpoint.  This was my first Bar Mitzvah, and with total artistic free reign, I wanted to capture the intimate moments, the sacredness of the ritual, and the fun that is being an adolescent.  The last part wasn’t so hard, as I still think I’m a kid myself!  But I loved how everything turned out, and if you’re interested in looking some more, I think you will too.

The Doors of Change.

Father and Son.

The Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto.

Let the party begin! Head spinning!

Epic First Dance!

Let’s crank it up a notch.

What kids don’t know is that we look up to them too.

Candice and Richard, throwing down.

So the day and night were pretty amazing.  The MC tore it up, the venue and food were great, and the kids + adults had a great time.  But most importantly, JD took a giant leap in his life, and it was in the right direction.  Enough can’t be said regarding Candice and Richard for  planning such a fantastic event, being such generous hosts, and raising such a well mannered young man.  I wish you all the best in your endeavors JD.

See you down the road.


One thought on “JD

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing such an important event! It brought tears to my eyes, to see JD as he crosses the threshold and to see my dear friends Candice and Richard and the beautiful family that they have become! Awesome, inspiring pictures Todd! I felt like I was there!!!

    Big love and Aloha,
    Joni Isaman

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