Rachel + Paul – El Dorado Hotel and Restaurant – Sonoma

The minute I met Paul, I liked him.  Maybe because he dropped an F-Bomb after 5 minutes of talking.  I have been known to have a salty mouth myself, and after   living on a sailboat for a few years, you just sort of become a pirate.  But I digress…  Rachel.  What’s not to like about Rachel?  She’s sweet and kind, beautiful, and she drinks beer, nay, enjoys it, which is always a plus in a good woman.  To think that Paul almost missed out on all this goodness because he waited like a month just to call her up gives me shivers.  Thankfully, by the time he got the nerve up to call her, she was still available.  In the end, these two (who I can assure you are made for each other) came together and got married on a damn fine day in September in Sonoma.

Rachel + Paul

The girls prepped in a beautiful house just outside of downtown Sonoma. Villa-tastic!


All suited up. Photo by Chris Howard.

A Toast! Photo by CH.

Of special significance. Photo by CH.

I consider myself pretty lucky. I am invited into a sacred family event for a day, and these people hardly know me. Yet I get to listen and capture emotions and words that started thirty years ago. Incredible.

Paul, waiting.

Everybody needs a helping hand.

Thank goodness Paul spoke up about his cool old truck. I would have passed right by it, as I was focused on something else. One of my favorites from the day.

El Dorado balcony.

Also one of my favorites. Not only did I get a fun expression, but I also got the camera phone’s flash. Pretty neat, because it’s only visible to the camera for a few hundredths of a second.

Rachel and Paul, once again thank you for trusting me with your wedding day.  I had a blast (except for all that Labor Day traffic that had me worried for a bit).  Both your families opened themselves up – Rachel’s mom’s side, not an issue – and because of it, we got some great images.  I wish you two nothing but the best.  Have a great time on your cruise up the West Coast this October.  I’ll be hoping for a postcard.  Hehe…  Cheers!

See you down the road.


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