Melissa + Michael – Portola Valley

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for a long time.  Mainly because it’s in my neighborhood, seeing as I live in Redwood City.  I ride my bike on these backroads, and I love looking at all the Coastal Live Oak, hoping to stumble upon some chanterelle mushrooms in a leaf pile.  I love the light that filters through the trees, the autumnal grass blanched a golden honey, and the way the wind whispers through the canopy when you sit somewhere in stillness.  How could the day get any better?  Well, both Melissa and Michael are uber chill people, along with both sides of the family.  Heck, I even keep bees at their house.  After our first meeting it came up (well, I always seem to be able to mention my bees in any conversation) and Melissa’s mom was interested in having a few hives on their property.  So not only am I their photographer, I am also the family beekeeper!  Does it get any better than that?  I think not!

But enough foreplay.  Let’s get to the wedding day, because it was amazing; filled with love and emotion like a good wedding should be.  Enjoy!

Melissa + Michael

Little hearts sewn into the dress. Love it.

It was a pretty emotional day, but in an amazing way.

First look.

Meanwhile, this is how the guys get ready. They put capes on their super-hero socks and play pretend. Zona Photo.

Twas a mighty wind. Zona Photo.

The Obi took a while, but it finally went on. The best quote was, “This is why the tradition hasn’t been adopted by the West.”

And this is how the men take pictures 🙂 Zona Photo.

Father and Bride.

Mother and Daughter.



The reason for all the hub-bub.  Zona Photo.

This is the exact moment when their eyes are connecting. Damn I love this job.

Giving her away.

Zona Photo.

I loved this idea. M & M are big into board games. So why wouldn’t you bring them to a cocktail hour?  Zona Photo.

Zona Photo.

Mad Libs for the newlyweds? Why the heckfire not!  Zona Photo.

Jenga with a note from the big day. Awesome.  Zona Photo.

Wait a minute, what game is this?!

Reflections are fun.

Funny speeches.  Zona Photo.

First Dance.

This was killer. They danced to “Twist and Shout” and tore it up!

Gambate! Zona Photo.

Oh yes they did. Full jump into the pool with dresses. I wanted to join them, but somebody had to take the picture.

Splashdown. Zona Photo.

A little more of that golden light.

Melissa and Michael, it was an honor and a privilege to attend you wedding and photograph all the amazing moments.  You two are very much and love, and I look forward to hearing all the good news that comes your way.  Much love and all the best.

See you down the road.


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