Katie + Kevin – Berkeley Faculty Club

Two of the nicest people I ever met.  Seriously.  And they live in LA.  How can this be?  I don’t have an answer for you, because it still boggles my mind.  Just kidding LA! (?).  Katie and Kevin were consistently making sure my assistant and I were taken care of.  Did we have water?  Were we feeling OK?  Did we get enough to eat? It’s easy to get swept up in the big day, but I have somehow have a knack for working with couples that don’t really sweat the small stuff.  They are all about the love.  Family and friends.  Good times.  Now I am not saying a wedding shouldn’t be planned well and full of lots of fun details, but it’s a fine line.  Perfection can have it’s consequences.  Luckily this day everything went so smoothly, all I had to do was concentrate on finding great moments and great light.  I think we got a few.  Enjoy!

Katie + Kevin

The rooms in this vintage Berkeley Hotel were pretty fabulous. Complete with great artwork and water-bong lamps (not operational).

Katie’s mom, lending a hand.

Happy with the results.

Kevin, buttoning up. (Photo by Chris Howard)


Man Bouquet. (Photo by CH)

Katie and Kevin sprung for the first look. Then we moved onto photos before the ceremony so they could enjoy cocktail hour with everyone. Here, friends are moving in for a kiss.

Tsk, tsk ladies… Not so fast. Mind the makeup please.

Everyone was having a good time.


We found some stairs on campus that Kevin knew all too well. This day he was not late to class 🙂  (Photo by CH)

Same steps, through the trees.


I watched this happen a lot. It’s got to range the full gamut of emotions.

Bam! The power of the ring.

Group Hug!

Berkeley Faculty Club.

I love this picture. I think it has to do with the large moose in the background.

Chin chin!

(Photo by CH)

First Dance. (Photo by CH)

Onlookers. (Photo by CH)

OK, time to party.

(Photo by CH)

K & K, it was an absolute pleasure working with you two.  Thank you so much for having me as part of your big day.  All the best and much love.

See you down the road.























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