Melissa + Jason – Hillsborough Racquet Club

I met Melissa at a Bridal Fair at the Ritz-Carlton over a year ago.  It’s amazing how time flies.  Before you know it, you’re driving around in a Rolls Royce after a gorgeous ceremony and off to the Hillsborough Racquet Club.  The day was entirely perfect.  Friends and family witnessed and enjoyed a wonderful bond of two people in love, and a damn fine party.  Come take a look!

Melissa and Jason, seeing eye to eye.

The Dress.

These shoes are for dancing.

Here’s our ring-bearer. Not worried at all.

A furry of hands.

Yep. Looking stellar.

Jason, waiting.

Melissa and Jason, congratulations again.  Your wedding was beautiful and heartfelt.  The Irish Dancing definitely kicked it up a notch.  I wasn’t trying to make a pun – it just happened.  Haha!  Here’s wishing you happiness, health, and the best of wishes.

See you down the road.





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