The Perfect Pit Stop

The summer solstice already came and went?  It’s been weeks since returning from Spain?  I’m going to dinner at Prospect tonight?   Where does the time go? Thank goodness I have the images to remind me (in detail) of what a wonderful adventure I’ve had thus far.

The streets of San Sebastian.

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Adam and Mollie

Adam and Mollie’s wedding was unique in many ways besides the European Vacation flair (sans Chevy Chase) and a reunion of sorts for many past San Sebastian scholastic inhabitants.  The nuptials included such fresh ideas as a Flash-Mob wedding site, sing along serenade, and carving into rare rib-eye in a house full of sneaky-strong apple cider.

Now that the dust has settled, and everyone is back from Spain (liver and lungs fully recovered), it’s time for some wedding pics.  To everyone’s delight, I won’t say much this time around – I will let the pictures do the talking – and you can decide if it was a good time or not.  Spoiler alert!  The answer is YES!

Mollie's Wedding Dress - Waiting

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