Dinner First, Then Dessert

I know it sounds crazy, but when I entered Prospect a few days ago, it was almost surreal that meals were cooking on the plancha, bread crumbs were toasting in the oven, and ice cream was stirring with the freshest ingredients.  I was a pretty happy camper.  Reason A:  I would get to photograph the food in a few days.  B:  I would get to eat that food in a few days.

And since the test meals have been prepared, photographed, and eaten, here’s a sampling of what’s to come…

Click here for more…

I am wondering if the images are triggering a Pavlovian response?  Shaved truffles, black cod, calamari, fresh greens – why how could you not would you salivate?

Main Courses…

I am sorry for not having a description of the courses themselves – it’s my fault – I seem to have misplaced the menu somewhere.  I will try to fix this as soon as I can.  Suffice to say, the food looks (and tastes) amazing.

The food prepared for the photos also served as a taste-test for the wait staff. They need to have first hand knowledge of the ingredients, how and where they came from, and preparation methods to accurately describe the cuisine to guests. Even with amazing food, everyone was quite serious – savoring each morsel and taking notes – so as to arrive to work fully prepared.

For me, the kitchen was tense, but focused.  I snuck in for a few images, and then left them to it.

Ravi Kapur plating up as Nancy Oakes looks on.

Chefs - At the ready.

It’s crunch time for sure, and even though there may be more stress than ever, I think everyone involved is happy to be back in their chosen environment – the kitchen.

Ravi sharing a laugh.

I’ll have more on Monday.  It’s all about dessert!

See you then, and down the road.


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