Don’t Worry – We’ve Got A Chaperone

Adam and Mollie’s wedding in Spain was a blast, pure and simple.  I could get wordy – with the idyllic setting of the old town in San Sebastian, the horseshoe  shaped bay with it’s crystalline blue water, and the quaint shops lining alleys and avenues alike – but I won’t 🙂

Before we get to photos of the wedding, here are some photos of the days leading up to the wedding.  In particular, these photos are from the bachelor party.  Now normally a photographer wouldn’t be part of a bachelor party ( I have no idea why), but I strode along with camera in hand.  I mean, with people in charge with names like Jon Steelfeather and Max Hemlock, what sort of thing could go wrong?

Walking Out To Get The Night Started

Adam - Getting His Drink On

Thank God For Our Chaperone - Jon Steelfeather - Throw Those Euros Around Baby!

Don't Worry Elaine - That's Hooka Smoke - Just Dried Fruit

Simon With A Nice Pint Of Guiness

After hitting up a few pints, a hamburger run, and maybe more pints, the boys decided it was time for a change.  There’s a bar that Adam has been known to frequent in the past, when he spent a year studying Spanish at the University of Pais Vasco (Basque Country).  And with a war cry to sally forth, we gents left for greener pastures.  On the way over, I ran ahead to try and grab a few photos.  Funnily enough, I spied a bridal gown in a window as I snapped a few images.  What follows could be the most classic bachelor party face I have ever seen.  (I would like to clarify that in no way is this facial expression representative of Adam’s feelings)   The boy’s in love…trust me.

Adam And Chris - Dude Talk

I Think He Was Just Doing His Godfather Impression As He Happened To Pass By

A Little Fun On The Way Over

Once in the bar, stogies, drinks, and laughter followed close behind.  There’s not much to say – we were having a great time – before the girls totally crashed the party!  And the funny thing is, I think they were worse for wear than the boys!

Stogie Time!

Just One...

Jim, Adam's Dad, Hanging With The Boys. Great Guy.

Chris Starr - Amazing Best Man And MC. Don't Even Think Of Taking Away That Mic!

Jim, Finishing Up A Year's Worth of Jokes For Adam's Roast. Seriously.

It Worked. I Don't Know If I Have Ever Seen A Person Laugh This Hard Before!

Maybe Jim Shouldn't Have Been There For The Stories.

Good Times! Thanks Burunda - For All That You've Given - And Taken Away

Hope you enjoyed.  Pass it on for all those who were with us!

See you down the road.


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