Dharma at Mathra

I met Pureshka at the Claremont hotel via a Bridal Show.  I had looked forward to working with her for a long time, and we planned for some photos at a celebration dinner in downtown Palo Alto at an Indian Restaurant called Mantra.

What can I say?  The people were friendly, the food was great, and the colors were popping.  Now if I can just get her to fly me to India for their crazy 3 day wedding extravaganza!  Those would be some amazing photos…


Pureshka and Ram.

The name says it all.

Today's Menu. Delicious.

The Happy Couple.



Lovely Palo Alto.

There's always one trouble-maker at these events. Fortunately I like trouble-makers - because I am one!


No Henna today.

But the lamb-pops were amazing!


Good friends.


Mmmm... More lamb...

Creme Brulee as well? Yes please.



Best to go box ever.

Floating flowers and candles.

Walking it off.

Well, hope you enjoyed.

I know…  Once again the blog has been a bit light.  It’s been busy around the office wrapping up client images, ordering albums, along with a website update –  not to mention a quick flight to Washington DC for the Smithsonian Contest that I won – Mexico in a few weeks tomorrow, and the holidays are upon us as well?!  I am scrambling like a madman right now – but that’s just what I gotta do – and I’m loving every minute of it.

See you down the road.


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