Biz, Biz, Bizzzzz

Nothing like being holed up in your one-man office when it’s raining and the tax man is taking way more than you previously thought possible.  “Can that be right? Maybe if I carry the decimal and add the 2…”  Nope – TurboTax can only do so much.  Sigh…  So that takes care of the first Biz.  I got nothin’ for the second and third – suppose it was me just wanting a bit of onomatopoeia.  And rightly so, since this is partly what this post is about.  Animals.  Animal sounds. And lot’s of em! Can you guess what we got?


Yep.  Jen and I got a colony of happy little Italian Honey Bees.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for so long.  Why?  I love nature.  I love honey.  I am pretty afraid of things that fly with stingers.  Wait, that last statement doesn’t make any sense.  Well, I figure, it’s time to stop being such a wuss, and tackle my fear.  And so one early morning, Uncle Jer (my bee guy, but not my Uncle) came by and dropped off a nice strong colony. I asked a few questions, and then he was gone.  And then it was me and 10,000 of my closest girlfriends.

Honey Bee and Flowering Quince Blossom.

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