Alex + Parker

Alex and Parker met me on a gorgeous sunny afternoon atop Dolores Park. Dogs were frolicking, people were picnicking, and some homeless guy was ranting about his lost salad spinner.  I just knew it was gonna be a good day.

I have a lot of people ask me if an engagement session is really necessary. Well, it’s not a basic human need by any stretch of the imagination, but if you want your wedding photos to look good, then it’s a must.  I am going to expose a shot that would usually never see the light of day blog, but it’s such a perfect example of before and after, posterity will thank me later.

I know being behind the lens sucks… oddly enough, I sort of hate having photos taken of myself, unless I am drunk or making an arse out of myself.  Usually those two follow suit.  But I digress…  Here we are, getting primed.

"Honey, I think we made a bad choice."

Can you see the sheer terror on their faces?!  But don’t fear!  This is why you hired me in the first place.  “OK people, here we go.”  A little joke here, a Todd laugh there, and all is well.  BAM!  The magic wand takes care of all.

OK, so I am having a little fun with this post.  Only because I want to prove a point, and I’ve had a glass of wine.  But seriously, if you want the best photos possible, it’s not only up to your photographer.  You’ve got to put in the effort too people.  Alex and Parker, thanks for being generous with your time and humor.  Hope you enjoy the photos!

Black and White.



Thanks for looking!

See you down the road.


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