Kristina + Tri

I have nothing against cats, but I have to admit, I am a dog person.  Could be because I am slightly allergic to them, that in my opinion they don’t do much, and they are ill-tempered when they feel like it.  Dogs on the other hand…  Tails wagging, happy to see you, greeting you at the door; now this is my kind of animal.  Maybe that’s why Kristina and I got along so well.  She’s a dog lover, as is Tri.  Maybe I’ve said this before?  I don’t know,  it’s too cold in my house to worry about these things.  (Our heater crapped out, it’s 50 degrees inside, and no one can get here for 2 more days.  Brilliant).   Either way, I was thrilled to photograph their wedding and reception at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in downtown San Francisco.  Actually, the ceremony was held in the lobby of The Merchants Exchange, which was a very cool space in its own right, but I digress…

We had a gorgeous day, everything went to plan, and the girls ordered pizza in the room while getting ready, which means I got to eat pizza in the room.  It also made me fearful that someone would slop marinara on the dress, but that didn’t happen either.  Phew.  What follows are some great photos from a fine day.


Kristina + Tri


Fluffing the Dress.


Kristina had some downtime, and she was just hanging out on the bed talking. Felt like the morning after a slumber party... I have an older sister, so that's how I know these things.


Being properly fitted.



Finishing touches.

Macy, dressed and ready.

Kristina, dressed and ready.

A final adjustment.

...and we're on our way.

We elected to take some photos of the bridal party before the ceremony, while still keeping Kristina and Tri from seeing each other. It worked out perfectly.

Tri and the fellas.

The man of the hour.

The Merchants Exchange

Any moment, she'll be walking down the aisle.

Here she comes.

There she goes.

I forget this little dude's name, but he just decided at some point that he better get up to the cocktail hour before the crowds. He left with his suitcase and everything!



...and BAM! They're married.

Bridal Party Together

Now for a few shots with just the Kristina and Tri.

Up to the ballroom.

Oh yeah, it's that time...


Don't know where he found that jacket, but it was complete 80's throwback!

Rocking MJ's "Thriller"


A toast, to Love!!!


Why the empty table?

Frist Dance, that's why.

Isn't it ironically funny that we males dread dancing with the ladies through much of our life, only to have to perform in front of an intimate audience that is watching our every move?


More Toasting.

More Drinking.

More Dancing.

OK, at some point in every wedding, things go in a direction where no one expected. This is said moment. Prop from the Photo Booth, used well.

I love catching other people's flash. Frist off, it's incredibly hard to do. It's all luck, as you're capturing the speed of light the instant it emerges. I especially love it when it comes out, like this one here.

Yep, I’m ending on a crazy dance photo.

Kristina and Tri, thank you so much for having me at your wedding.  I had a blast, and look forward to going through the photos for your album.  In the meantime, enjoy the photos, and we’ll talk soon.

See you down the road.



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