Serena + Keith

Yeah, we’ve got plenty of sunshine right now, but let’s remember just a few weeks ago people! It was raining cats and dogs. (Wonder where that saying came from? Wait, the internet!  Here is an explanation of no less than a few possible origins.) But I digress…

Placing our hearts in the weatherman’s corner, we went for it at Tilden Park. Well, we just missed the rain, but still had a soggy time of it.  Serena had planned on us hiking a trail that she and Keith run on sometimes, but the streams were up so high, there was no way we were crossing that puppy.  So we had to re-prioritize and figure something out.

Thank goodness Tilden is blessed with wide-open meadows, Eucalyptus, and a sprinkling of Sequoias here and there.  Oh yeah, if I could put on a seminar to help clients model, I would hire Keith and Serena.  I didn’t even have to say a word, and they were changing it up, throwing different looks my way, and having a good time of it.  Here are a few from the day.


Serena + Keith.

Meadowy Goodness.

Standing Tall.

In the trees.

Usually about halfway through sessions, clients get comfortable with me. Serena, breaking the barrier.

Having fun. I don't even dare show the 'running in place' series.

Here's a nice quiet moment for your busy day. Remember to breathe everyone 🙂 Life is pretty good!

Hope you enjoyed, and as always…

See you down the road.


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