Kristina + Tri

It’s been a pretty amazing few months.  I’ve been busy running all over the Bay Area photographing fantastic couples in fantastic locations.  Of late (it must be the spring weather) everyone seems to bringing the dogs along, which I love. They add a certain zest of unpredictability to the session, and even when things are not going to plan, all you have to do is take a gander at man’s best friend to see that not all is lost.  Anything from an ill-timed scratch to a complete spaz-out will bring things back into perspective.  Maybe that’s why people with dogs are cool?  Because they can deal with the unplanned and keep on rolling.

Here are a few pics from the day.  Hope you enjoy!

Kristina and Tri in a wildflower field and blue sky. Just lovely...

San Francisco is such a beautiful city. Mountains, ocean, green rolling hills... I dont think Ill ever move again.

This time Im a lot closer with the wide angle. Its safe to say we were having a pretty good time.

Just another day overlooking the city. Its always like this...right?

Tri - great choice on the blue shirt. Its just popping against the green! Kristina, youre gorgeous, so its all good all the time!

Hmmm... I must have said something wrong... I mean funny here.

OK, the stars of the day. Macy and Tyson. Macy is on the right and Tyson is on the left.

In the arms of mama. Look at those eyelashes! So cute!

A man and his dog. This one just screamed to be black and white. Timeless expression and the love is apparent. What a good boy...

Of course these two are involved in the wedding! Heres a sneak peek of just one of their roles.

Looking back, at the present, and into the future.

Kristina and Tri, thanks for being willing and able!  Looking forward to the big day.  It’ll be here before we know it.

Much love and as always…

See you down the road.


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