Megan + Jeff

Sausalito.  Since I lived in Japan and I love ‘Lost In Translation’ I always think of that cheesy hotel band when I say it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, rent the movie.  Bill Murray should have been awarded an Oscar, but the Academy is lame, so he didn’t.

Besides imprinting a strong cinematic connection, it also conjures up images of boat houses, float planes, a cute downtown, good art, and mellow people walking the streets.  So when Megan and Jeff suggested hitting Sausalito up, there wasn’t any reason to say no.  The weather was great, but the parking was lousy.  All in all, we had a great session.

Having a few laughs in the Nasturtium.

Stairway to Heaven! Sorry... couldn't resist.

Megan and Jeff and Pride of Madeira. If there was ever a competition for coolest name for a flower, that would be it.

Im feelin the love!

This little garden house was pretty fun. Of course in Sausalito it would be made out of stone! Glad I dont pay property tax in that city!

Heres a pretty cool city too.

Jeff is a pretty cool guy. He fixes helicopters that medevac wounded soldiers over in Afghanistan. Been there twice. Umm... can you say Hero?

I think Megan would agree.

OK, heres where I need a little feedback. I went with square format on these two, just cause I love it. But what about BW vs. Color. Anybody have a preference? Ill tell you mine if you tell me yours!

Um, let me have a go at it. I see passion in your future and spring eternal as the theme of your lives. Maybe I can be a psychic too?

Well, that’s it for another blog.  Plenty more action on the way, as I am headed down to LA this weekend for an amazing wedding in Palos Verdes: Lighthouse, Pacific Ocean, sunset… can’t wait!  As an added bonus, I’m picking up our new puppy this Sunday evening!  The house has been doggy-proofed as much as we can tell, but I am sure there are a few weaknesses that will be found.

Megan and Jeff, thank you.  You guys were terrific!  Congrats again and best wishes!

See you down the road.


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