Margaret + Thomas

Tilden Park is a happening spot.  I met Serena and Keith there, I met Margaret and Thomas there, and I also met Francesca there (who was walking her dog, but more on that later…)

This was a few weeks ago, right around the time the rains were slowing up. The ground was still swollen and soggy, but the hills were alive.  Ugh, I can hear my sister singing that song now.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good movie, but happiness can be beaten out of any young brother if they are subjected to a singing older sister who thinks she is Julie Andrews.  Anyway…

We had the park pretty much to ourselves, and went on a little walk to get acquainted – for I had to get to know Boppo – the Boston Terrier as well.  Full of energy and a healthy 8 years young, he sprang forth to the fresh terrain like a man on a mission.  Ahh, so much territory to smell and mark, but so little time and fluids.  Isn’t it the story with all of us? Hehe…

Standard operating procedure:  Walk around, look for good light and interesting features, keep Boppo off the clothes, and have a good time.  We managed 2 out of 3.


Margaret and Thomas

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